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Robert will pierce on 15 September

Robert will be in the Studio on friday 15 September at 19:00 Uhr. The price will be 40€, a special offer because of the "Wipperfest". This evening there will be a band playing in the town, too!

Upcoming dates for Piercings:

Saturday  21 October 10:00 bis 12:30
Saturday,  18 November 10:00 bis 12:30
Saturday,  16 December 10:00 bis 12:30

Apprenticeship Vacancy

If you are skilled, creative and want to become a tattoo artist, show up in my studio and bring a portfolio of your best works.
Furthermore, perseverance and ambition are crucial. Half of my life I concentrated on making tattoos and even longer on graphics and the art of painting.  With some patience and perseverance, you will benefit from my experiences, get to know nice people and learn from other artists on conventions.
You can application will be for a full-time job.

Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2017-2018


The new Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2017-2018 is available now. You can find all well-known tattoo artists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland - including me! Customers gain a very a good insight into the studios in Germany, some artists like me have a unique style.

Every piece presented on these pages represents my style and the current state of my work. All works emerged free from everything, sometimes even without a preliminary sketch. When working with photo templates, I prefer to make them myself in order to shape my work from the very start. Almost all of my tattos develop in my imagination. In the process, I pay particular attention to image composition, perspective, graphics, light and shadow and of course the colour scheme.
Furthermore, to me, every work has to fit the body part and proportions.

These works are not just copied from reality, in fact, I did intentionally try NOT (!) to painstakingly paint from a template. That is what art students would do in their first semester. Unfortunately even in this magazine, you will find works like these: at first sight, I could find a lot of motives like portraits of celebrities (ever so often from the same motive found on the internet). And these artists call themselves star tattoo artists.
Buy the magazine, browse through the pages, think for yourselves and then - get tattooed!!! One copy can be found in my studio, too.



For many years, my studio, 'SW-Design' has been the region's number one choice for tattoos and creative design


atelier.jpgSome people are criticised for sometimes putting the cart before the horse. That's just about how I feel if someone asks me whether my workshop and and all its contents are finally complete.


Metamurban – a new name, my neologism to name my style, to make it concrete. Metamurban – a combination of 'metamorphosis' and the English word 'urban'.
Metamurban simultaneously stands for the transformation of my creative work deep within and for the urban, cultural manmade structure in which we all dwell. It stands for life, street art, comics, mainstream, progress, but also for the decay that we all are exposed to.


For organizational reasons, the only way to arrange a tattoo appointment will be on a fixed schedule: On each beginning of a calendar quarter you can contact in one of three ways:
visit me in my studio in Worbis, call me or use the contact form (the form will be available then). Please understand that at the moment this is the only way since I am on my own in the studio and can not answer all requests. Also, please do not contact me via any other kinds of social media (WhatsApp, Facebook etc).

The next opportunity to get an appointment will be on 2nd of January 2018. On this day you can arrange appointments für April, May and June in 2018.

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