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Hi there, I'm Sven Wiegand, painter and tattoo artist.
Since earliest childhood, I've made it my mission to capture and put both the real and fantastical to paper. Since then I've gone through countless sheets of paper, paintbrushes, pens, canvases, paints and tattoo needles to set my creativity in motion. For many years I've explored different styles and I remain in close contact with other painters and tattoo artists from Germany and abroad.

tattoostudio_eichsfeld_21.jpgAs an artist, it is my intention not to depict things as they are, but to breathe life into subjective versions of reality. Thus, I gain a far more intense experience of life. My perfectionism, ambition and curiosity make me constantly change and develop my unique, personal style further. At the moment it is a mixture of different genres. In my artwork, you can find hints and traces of comics, realism and surrealism, as well as abstract and representational objects. I am often asked whether my style has its own name and each time I find it difficult to answer.

Well, my work is always a little offbeat and frayed, chaotic and divorced from reality. Hardly any of it is neat or calculated at all. Everything must be quick and yet new, quirky, original. Whenever I start working, I have a concrete idea or a certain presentiment which normally changes in the first stroke. And that's a good thing because that's when it becomes exciting. For many clients this sphere of meaning remains hidden, unexplored. But receptive people manage to dive right into this world – my world.

And so, clients and artists can profit, alike. If someone offers me an open door, I like to walk right in, treat everything with care and think of the task as a challenge. Nothing is then measurable. There is no graph paper, no format, no pattern to follow. Everything is created from my subconscious. Dreams, too, play a big role in this. The result is then always individual and unique. I feel like I'm in an unfamiliar nursery, in which I can take all the toys off the shelf to build my own world around me on the carpet.
That's what I call Metamurban and I work in a kind of trance, in which I try to produce something which is ever new. The result is always enriching for the client and for me.

„Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work."

(Aristotle, Philosopher, 384 – 322 BC)

I think that alone can form the basis of unique work.
I therefore don't adhere to any fashionable trends, but rather look for clients who share my way of thinking and confidently entrust their skin to me.
Creativity and uniqueness are of utmost importance. I want to create nothing less than artworks of the highest order. Therefore, my customers are predominantly not those who are looking for the cheapest tattoo parlour in the neighbourhood, but those who are looking for the best creations and tattoos that they can get. What they get from me in the end is a totally unique work.


1972 Born in Leinefelde
1972 - 81 Childhood on the border of East and West Germany
1982 - 87 Beginning of my artistic education
  Took art classes in East Germany
1985 - 87 Awarded prizes for fine arts
1990 - 98 Training and employment as a motor mechanic
1996 - 98 Second job as a tattoo artist
1997 Founded the tattoo studio 'SW-Design'
2000 onwards Self-employed artist and tattoo artist
  Successful participation in numerous national and international tattoo conventions
2001 First encounter with Waldemar Wahn,
  a world-famous painter and tattoo artist who has had a strong influence on my work
2002 Seminar 'Reinventing the Tattoo' with Guy Aitchinson in Atlanta, USA
2007 Art seminar on colour aesthetics at the Faber Castell Academy, Nuremberg
  (Lecturer Anne Held)
2008 – 2011 Frequent participation at the Leipzig Summer Academy with various artists
  from the Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig / Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst (HGB),
  amongst others, Hans Aichinger, Jörg Ernert und Wolfram Ebersbach
  Participated in various courses at the HGB evening school
2011 Opening of the 'hoch3' gallery in Worbis
2012 Seminar 'Spontaneous Realism' at the Bad Reichenhall Art Academy / Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall (Lecturer VOKA)
2013 Seminar 'Perspective' at the Faber Castell Academy, Nuremberg
2015 First solo exhibition in the 'hoch3' gallery

Awards and Prizes

  • Numerous international and national prizes at tattoo conventions in Germany and abroad
  • Awarded first place many times

Press commentaries


What does "Metamurban" mean?


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