For many years, the “SW-Design” studio in Worbis has been the first point of contact in the entire area when it comes to tattoos and creative design. Cilly Buchheiser, Sandro Wiegand and Enrico Möx are currently working in the studio. Together we are a small but strong team.

Many customers from all over Germany and even abroad come to us to have a unique tattoo made.

For organizational reasons, appointments will initially only be made via email. Please also send us a photo and your contact details.

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My name is Cilly.

Since early childhood, a pencil and a sketchpad have been my constant companions. After completing my studies at Burg Giebichenstein University of Art and Design in Halle (Saale), I harbored the desire to learn the art of tattooing. After a detour into photography for several years, this dream was fulfilled here at Tattoo SW Design in Worbis.
Since November 2017, I have had the privilege of learning everything about the craft of tattooing from Sven, starting from the optimal adaptation of the design to the body shape to the flawless execution as an individual artwork under the skin.

I now mainly work on larger projects focusing on graphic arts, Nordic design language, and fine line tattoos. I also have an open ear and much joy in implementing creative cover-up projects.

If you have an exciting tattoo idea that I can bring to life for you, feel free to use our contact form to request an appointment.

I look forward to your ideas!



Hi, my name is Sandro,

I am new to the studio and have been part of the Tattoo SW Design team since December 2022.

I painted and drew a lot when I was a child. I owe my creative streak to my father.

From the 9th grade I attended the Wettin art high school, and later I studied industrial design at the Burg Giebichenstein art college.

I completed my studies in 2022. After that, I decided to take a different path and follow in my father’s footsteps.

I look forward to your ideas and their creative implementation. If you are interested in an appointment with me, get in touch!


Piercing as a form of body adornment has existed for millennia and serves as an expression of the wearer’s personality. It fills me with pride to practice this traditional craft. For the past 20 years, I have been here for you, bringing your individual visions to life. I place great importance on adhering to all health regulations and ensuring flawless technical execution. Continuous education in anatomy and hygiene is as crucial to me as the use of high-quality materials.

I look forward to advising you and fulfilling your personal desires.


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