Dreams need space to grow...

My name is Kerstin Woyke Pereira

When we are creative, we are completely in the here and now. We can switch off our heads and simply put all our thoughts aside for a while. We don’t have to think about anything, we just are THERE and create something out of ourselves. Painting is one of those activities in which we can simply be ourselves and don’t have to conform or be put under pressure. We are completely free in what we do. And no matter what we put on screen, we can always be proud of ourselves at the end. I am not a trained artist and do not claim to impart in-depth knowledge. I want the participants to be able to retreat from the stress of everyday life for two or three hours. Immerse yourself in the world of many colors and share the joy of being creative with one another. I support everyone with my experiences as best I can. The participants also support, inspire and appreciate each other.


Painting courses by Kerstin Woyke Pereira

Monday: 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m
Tuesday: 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m
Wednesday: 3:30 p.m. to 6 p.m
Thursday: 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m

Price: for 2.5 hours, €25

If you are interested, please call me or write an email.
You can reach me on 0157 80228441 or

Sven über sein Atelier ...

Some people are said to sometimes put the reins on their horse from behind. I feel something like this when someone asks me again whether my studio and everything that goes with it is finally finished. And somehow these people are right with their curiosity.

Many painters simply start out and don’t need a lot of space, a studio or anything like that to paint a picture. You simply need an area of 1m x 1m and get started.

I, on the other hand, first have to set up a paint industry in order to have enough paint, cut down a forest for stretcher frames and buy up an Eastern European cotton, linen and flax spinning mill in order to be able to stretch my canvases. Then of course I need a studio, preferably over 30m long, 20m wide and at least 6m high……. Maybe I’ll paint a large picture one day!

And lighting is important, ideally the entire south side is glazed. How or with what you heat in winter doesn’t really matter.

In short – I now have plenty of opportunities to work artistically in my studio. The dream of having our own small art school in the future has already been awakened. Training rooms and a large exhibition area are already being planned.

The fact is – on many a night the heavy metal gate behind me slams shut, a step in front of the CD player and the Stones, Feist or Depeche Mode play at full volume.

The 28 neon suns then illuminate the room, the oven hisses like a steam locomotive and every now and then the iron structure of the old building groans. A few tubes of paint are squeezed out on the palette and the white canvas screams endless satisfaction.

Then everything is right and things start full of passion…

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